Consignment is an arrangement in which items are left in the possession of an authorized party to sell. The consignor and the seller split a percentage of the revenue from the sale of the items, referred to as a commission.  

How to consign with Byrd?

  • Contact store to make an appointment either via email or phone:


  • Provide us with some of the names of the brands you are interested in consigning. Please note, we consign what our shoppers are looking to buy and they tend to be designer label driven. We accept brands that are typically found at higher end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. We do not consign mall store brands (examples: Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Talbots, etc.) with the exception of Lululemon. After we consider the demand of the brand name, next is style of the item and condition/level of wear.
  • Specific terms and policies of our consignment contract can be found, downloaded and printed on the home page located immediately above the store logo. 
  • All items must be authentic. Replicas are illegal. We are supported by Entrupy authentication services, they are the world’s leading certifier of luxury handbags. You can learn more on Entrupy by visiting 
  • We prefer a minimum of five accepted items to open a consignment account. Exceptions to this is when a consignor has one or two luxury bags, shoes or jewelry. Contact the store for more details.
  • Best practices upon consigning include having your items clean and wrinkle free, bringing any dust bags and/or boxes for shoes, handbags and jewelry as well as documentation of purchase in the case of luxury items.
  • January/February we start to accept warm weather items. July/August we start to accept cold weather items.  

  • Click here to access a copy of our consignment contract.